Far Left//Far Right: Travis//Lewis.

We started this band in 2009 together and have become best mates since. After an 8 year break to pursue careers and start families, we have managed to reignite our passion for PIE. Our new lineup consists of like-minded musicians who share a common vision, that imagines Paradise In Exile steam-rolling it’s way through the Australia heavy music scene in 2022. We have put every possible ounce of effort into making this release be as big as we possibly can.


Middle left: Matt.

One of the most talented drummers in Perth. He receives more DM’s from bands trying to poach him than one can imagine. Matt filled in for our reunion show back in August and became a believer of our vision for this band. We are honored to have him on board full-time.


Center: Joel.

Only a few days before our pre-booked studio time for Infernus, our old friend Joel was more than happy to jump on the mic and lay down some vocals. At the time of recording, everyone in the studio that day had their minds blown by the shear raw-talent and incredible vocal range he effortlessly projected. At that point we knew we had to go all in on the release. We are excited for our fans to have a taste of his range on our upcoming single, Infernus.


Middle Right: Aaron.

We approached Aaron in-between the studio recording and music video filming, to play bass for us. He is incredibly talented and can’t wait to add his flair to the writing process and slap the bass on the upcoming PIE releases!

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